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Translation company IT–Translate

IT-Translate is a translation company with Head office in St. Petersburg, Russia and representatives in Alanya, Turkey and Minsk, Belarus. We work with over 70 world languages offering to our clients services from simple or certified translation to graphic design and website or software localization.

About us

Our core team consists of about 800 experts. We are very different: young graduates from prestigious linguistics departments who have already established a good reputation and sophisticated employees of various editorial offices. Russians and native speakers work in our company hand in hand, be it office staff or distant translators, linguists and journalists from all over the world That is what a creative part of our team is concerned, those people whose talent and fine knowledge of languages in each and every aspect of their usage play such an important role in promoting Russian business in the international market. Not only business, though. The scope of work related to family connections, migration, real estate, inheritance, adoption and so forth has increased recently. This is life. But we have gone a bit astray.

Information service, marketing and sales department, technical department, logistics, couriers, security... all of them are of great help to the creative part of our staff. A translation agency with such a complex infrastructure? No wonder, we are quite a big company providing more than 300 regular clients (including a number of very respectable organizations) with our services. Our managers process more than 60 orders daily. Paper consumption is about 5 packs a day. Looks like a factory, doesn't it? Hopefully, you won't notice it all. We will do our best to treat you like a very special client, focusing all our attention, experience and efforts on final success. Feel free to inform us if something goes wrong.

Our experience

In the beginning... The beginning was different for each one — different times, different places and translation activities. We joined our efforts and formed one team in early 2001. Yeah, our company is fourteen years old already. We were exclusively making website translations at first, this kind of activity is termed localization. Since the agency was engaged in work with IT technologies, could we possibly overlook the great help software translators would offer? Definitely, not. Having started with famous Trados, we have eventually built up our own technological scheme of which we have (competent opinions affirm it to be true) all grounds to be proud. It is the computer constituent that allows us to ensure speed and quality without making a compromise. You shall have a chance to check this out.

But that was all about technical or technological experience. There's another side of this, a business one. No one will deny that a translation agency couldn't find a better location in Russia than St. Petersburg, a gateway to Western Europe since the times of Peter the Great. Translation business isn't like oil industry or something equally remunerative, and we are not as popular as political news or some showbiz scandal. Our business has nothing in common with social crises, our progress is not among top news on TV. Eleven years of work is all we have and that is worth a lot. Experience alone is the chief value and we certainly own it.

Our expertise is not a relic. It is your confidence of removing, through the efforts of our qualified and experienced specialists, a great deal of unpleasant circumstances and obstacles related to activities in the international market (traits of mentality, habits, expectations of foreign citizens).

How we work

It can't be easier: we work at your convenience. The only thing for you to think over is the way you'd like to get your translation, preferred format and type of data storage medium. But all this is exterior, while the interior side of our work is related to the above mentioned technological scheme. This is, first of all, a computer-aided translation process. It allows to translate a text of any size, have any number of translators involved, each one being a specialist in a given field, and provide you with an accurate translation, errorless, integral in terms of vocabulary and style, free of any widespread and even unavoidable mistakes which occur in the process of uncomputerized handwork. As noted above, this computer-aided translation process is our principal asset and main competitive advantage over other translation agencies in St. Petersburg. Then, you may ask, what are all these graduates from prestigious linguistics departments, let alone remote translators, for? This sort of work is to be well-paid, isn't it? Quality — that's what our purpose is. That's the point. Computer can help in the rough and preliminary part of the work relating to meticulous organization of terminology, selection of variants and wordings. Fine tuning and polishing is sheer experience. And that experience we do possess.

All the above said seems to be most essential in presenting IT-Translate company. So feel free to ask. No matter whether you're going to be our client or not, we are always interested in getting as much information as possible about the world of translation in all its aspects. Thus, your questions are sure to be answered.

Sincerely yours,
IT-Translate team
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